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Casters are a general term, including movable casters, fixed casters and movable casters with brakes. Movable casters are also what we call universal wheels, whose structure allows 360-degree rotation; fixed casters are also called directional casters, which have no rotating structure and cannot be rotated. Usually two types of casters are used in combination. For example, the structure of a trolley has two directional wheels at the front, and two universal wheels at the back near the push armrest. Casters are made of various materials, such as pp casters, PVC casters, PU casters, cast iron casters, nylon casters, TPR casters, iron core nylon casters, iron core PU casters, etc.

Custom Wholesale 3 Inch Pu Skate/Furniture Wheels
Size:75*24MM Material : Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness:80A--90ALoad capacity: 50(kg)Hole: 22mm, It can be used to install 608 bearing or through hole
Professional Fuma Wheel Manufacturers- Weihang Caster
Fuma Wheel.It features a long mechanical life. It has been tested by exposure to EMC, high and low temperatures, moisture, dust, mechanical shock, vibration, sunlight, salt mist, and other corrosive environments.Guangzhou Weihang Caster Co., Ltd. Professional Fuma Wheel manufacturers,The structure of the caster is made up of a single wheel mounted on the bracket, which is used to install under the equipment so that it can move freely.
Wholesale 5.7 Inch Baby Stroller/Skateboard Wheels
Material  Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness::80A--90ALoad capacity 250(kg)Size: 145mmX30mmHole: 22mm, It can be used to install 608 bearing or through hole
Custom 3.5 Inch Flashing Skate Wheels
Size:85*24mmMaterial : Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness:80A--90ALoad capacity: 50(kg)Feature: Flashing
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